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This Baba The first half of the concert features Bulgarian Voices of Seattle Women’s Choir and friends presenting songs they learned from family and friends, beloved songs and folklore enactments in the culmination of the Songs of Our Families Bulgarian Heritage Project. We are thrilled to include Michael Lawson (accordion) and David Bilides (tambura, kaval) in this special moment for the choir.

The second half of the event consists of the world premiere of This Baba / This Grandma, a film by Bogdan Darev. This Baba is the story of Bulgarian Voices singer Penka Encheva, who was an extraordinary traditional singer as a young woman in her native country of Bulgaria.

Link to the trailer

Date: Saturday, May 10 Time: 3:00pm – 5:00pm Place: Carco Theatre

For tickets: you can buy online or throughchoir members.

This concert is presented by the Bulgarian Cultural and Heritage Center Of Seattle and co-sponsored by Jack Straw Cultural Center.

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