Past events

Past Events for 2019-2023…

BCHCS wants to invite you to the “Scent of Love” play.
A message of words that are gently wrapped in a beautiful musical cloak and complimented by the harmonious movement of a dance.
Scenography that impresses with the beautiful interweaving of different art forms into one another. A reflection, a sigh, a slight pause and a lot of beauty.
With their soulful acting the actors Boyka Velkova and Ivaylo Zahariev touch the audience, giving them the satisfaction of immersing themselves into a magic of emotions.
Music by Teodosii Spassov, choreography by Tatyana Sokolova, scenography and costumes by Yana Dvorecka.
This tour is organized with the support of “Bulgarians abroad 681” Association and Palms Music.


Christmas concert 2022 (12/10/2022)

Christmas concert of the Bulgarian community in Seattle.
Like in a fairytale, where the main character goes through various hurdles that make them grow, our community, in the times of social distancing, realized how much it cherishes our togetherness. The opportunity to sing and dance together, to celebrate and laugh together. We started to truly appreciate what we had before 2020 in times when we couldn’t have it. Now we know how terrific it is to be able to laugh together. How incredibly luxurious it is to perform together on our communal stage. How blissful it is to hold our hands in a big circle, dancing horo at the grand finale of our Christmas concert.
Dear friends,
We invite you to our annual Christmas concert, “Like in a Fairytale,” organized by the Bulgarian Cultural and Heritage Center of Seattle.

December 10 at 6:30 PM, PST
Kirkland Performance Center

Expect enchanted characters! An atmosphere created by lights, songs, dances, and music. Scenography – by Kremena Lefterova (San Diego) with the help of our local talent Svetlana Aleksieva. For the first time, we will enjoy the playing of the Bonaca Tamburica band (Seattle), the musician Milen Varimezov (Dallas), who will join our “old favorites”: Vasil Denev, kaval (Seattle), Petar Aleksiev-Usmivkata, gaida (Chicago), Angel Dobrev, gadulka (Chicago), Anton Kirilov, tupan (Seattle). This year, we have the pleasure of welcoming on stage the fantastic duo of father and son Toromanovi. We have invited our favorite local groups – Radost Folk Ensemble, Dunava Vocal Ensemble, and Hopa Trop Folk Ensemble. The Bulgarian Cultural and Heritage Center of Seattle will be represented by Bulgarian Voices of Seattle Women’s Choir, Medena Pitka Children’s Folklore Group, Seattle’s Koledari, and Seattle Cheta Performance Group, adults and juniors.
But this is not all!
After the mutual horo at our grand finale, the party will continue in Black Raven Brewery in Woodinville. The start time is 9:30 PM. Live music! Sandwiches and drinks until midnight!

Let’s celebrate together, friends!
We look forward to seeing you all!
Bulgarian Cultural and Heritage Center of Seattle

Theodosii Spassov & Vlatko Stefanovski (11/04/2022)

Theodosii Spassov & Vlatko Stefanovski, two musical giants from the Balkans, weave traditional music from their homelands with jazz to create their own unique style. Tickets are now on sale.

Friday, November 4
Town Hall Seattle

Christmas concert 2020 (12/19/2020)

Dear Friends,

The Bulgarian Cultural and Heritage Center of Seattle is happy to announce the upcoming Christmas concert, which this year will take place virtually.

2020 has been an unprecedented and challenging year for all of us. Although we can’t all gather due to the current circumstances, we believe that the creative compilation that we’ve put together will help you experience the magic of the Bulgarian music and dancing, as presented by our favorite local performers.

Please help us spread the word by sharing the date and time of the event with friends and relatives. The advantage of this year’s performance is that it can be viewed from every part of the world. Let’s gather virtually to enjoy the beauty of the Bulgarian folklore.

Date: 12/19/2020

Time: 7:00pm

Place: In the convenience of your home

Link to the concert:


Svet Radoslavov and Viktor Samsonov concert (01/19/2020)

January’s holidays Seattle 2020

Both are Bulgarians.

One enchanted with his violin the jury of America’s got talent.

The other returns from Bangkok to his homeland with a special invitation by the XFactor.

One is known as the golden violin of Bulgaria.

The other is a virtuoso of voice and guitar improvisations. 

They are known to the Bulgarian public in Seattle separately.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see them live together for the first time.

They are beautiful, young, talented.

They are Svet Radoslavov and Viktor Samsonov.

They will blow up the audience on 19.01.2020 from 21:00 in Villa Verdi 12360 Lake City Way NE, Seattle, WA 98125 (to our kind hosts Kancho and Petya). Admission $30 dollars with advance reservations by phone +1206 361-1188 They are the kings of night parties and guarantee your good mood. They will make the general celebration of St. Vasil’s Day, Jordan’s Day, St. John’s Day, St. Anthony’s Day and St. Athanasius’ Day unforgettable. Places are shrinking. You can expect special surprises.

Тraditional Christmas concert (12/14/2019)

To all friends of the Bulgarian community in Seattle!

The brightest of the brightest holidays is quickly approaching, and once again it is time to invite all of you to our traditional Christmas concert.

This year it will be different. It will be even warmer, more family oriented, inspired by the stories of local Bulgarians. This year you won’t only be​ the audience. This year, for the first time, you are its creators as well.

A big THANK YOU to all of you who sent us your​ personal stories, and for all​ the black and white pictures! Thanks to you, our children and grandchildren will know more about our​ homeland. Thanks​ to you, the connection between generations remains strong.

You are cordially invited to be part of this Christmas celebration on December 14th at 6:30 PM at the Kirkland Performance Center.

Tickets can be purchased here:
We look forward to seeing you all there!

The after party will take place at the Fulcrum Coffee Roaster (4660 Ohio Ave S, Ste A, Seattle, WA 98134) at 9:30 PM.

Light snacks and​ drinks​ will be provided, with lots of music, dancing and great atmosphere brought to you by PetarAleksiev – Usmivkata.

Adults only, free admission.


Poor France (Горката Франция) (11/16/2019)

This is a comedy about generational clash, sexual orientation, values, ideals and love in its different shapes and dimensions.

Carco TheaterRenton, WA

November, 16 2019 at 7PM

Tickets at:

Parental discretion is advised, 18+

Enjoy the show!


Мasters of Comedy (10/11/2019)

Ticket link: 

“Masters of Comedy” is a satirical comedy and musical show about news, events and life in Bulgaria and Europe. 

The stage is some kind of “television studio” with multimedia and dynamic lighting. The stage resembles the late evening shows known to Bulgarian viewers from the long-standing incarnations of famous and beloved Bulgarian actors Georgi Mamalev, Kamen Vodenicharov and Toncho Tokmakchiev. Current topics in contemporary Bulgarian politics, economics, media, arts, lifestyle and new music are presented to viewers in an ironic and fun way. On the stage stand heroes and characters from the Bulgarian reality, played by popular comedians, who through conditional “interviews”, “reports”, “live TV broadcasts” and “witness stories” recreate the excitement of present-day Bulgaria. The three artists perform on stage in several different comic and serious images. 

The performance includes sketches, lyrics and characters from TV and theater formats recreated over the years by the actors. The show features some of the most popular songs in the history of TV shows “Ku-ku“, “Channel”, “UFO” and “The Channel Show”. 

Georgi Mamalev, Kamen VodenicharovToncho Tokmakchiev. 

Tickets are $ 35 and $ 40 (depending on seats), $ 45 at the door.



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