What a better way to celebrate Bulgaria’s rich heritage and diverse culture than through the arts. As an ongoing commitment to inspire and expand the Bulgarian community BCHCS presents “Bulgarian Film Days & Workshops.”

Bulgarian Film Days brings a variety of Bulgarian films to Seattle for the community to enjoy. Please check regularly our Current Events page or sign up to the mailing list of to find out about our next screening.

Bulgarian Film Workshops is being developed as a program for the Bulgarian Youth and their American friends. Film is a highly collaborative art form and maybe the only art form that is capable of uniting all the arts in one. Workshops will vary in length and the focus will shift to reflect the various traditions of the Bulgarian calendar year as well as current world events. Experience the joy of writing, designing costumes and sets, lighting, directing, acting, editing and sound design. Experience the thrill of making a short film that is not only entertainment, but a unique and one of a kind form of self-expression. Stay tuned by visiting our Current Events, or sign up to the mailing list of

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