Welcome to The Bulgarian Cultural and Heritage Center of Seattle, a Non-Profit Organization, born to preserve and share Bulgarian culture and tradition far from our motherland. The Center will fill a great need for the Bulgarian community, by providing a gathering place, in which to hold events, develop cultural programs, and celebrate many of the existing goodhearted activities. We invite you to join us and be a part of the growing Northwest Bulgarian Community!

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This Baba

Coming soon: May 10th, 2014

“Songs of Our Families”: World premiere of “This Baba”, a film by Bogdan Darev, and a concert by Bulgarian Voices of Seattle Women’s Choir


The first half of the concert features Bulgarian Voices of Seattle Women’s Choir and friends presenting songs they learned from family and friends, beloved songs and folklore enactments in the culmination of the Songs of Our Families Bulgarian Heritage Project. We are thrilled to include Michael Lawson (accordion) and David Bilides (tambura, kaval) in this special moment for the choir.

The second half of the event consists of the world premiere of This Baba / This Grandma, a film by Bogdan Darev. This Baba is the story of Bulgarian Voices singer Penka Encheva, who was an extraordinary traditional singer as a young woman in her native country of Bulgaria.

Link to the trailer

Date: Saturday, May 10

Time: 3:00pm – 5:00pm

Place: Carco Theatre

Tickets: Available for purchase, through Brown Paper Tickets and choir members.

This concert is presented by the Bulgarian Cultural and Heritage Center Of Seattle and co-sponsored by Jack Straw Cultural Center.

Bulgarian Voices of Seattle

The singing traditions of Bulgaria are as rich and varied as its history. Each Bulgarian region has its own particular vocal style and songs. Women sang to express emotion, lighten harvest and other work, mark life’s important moments like weddings and births, seasonal rituals and names days.

The songs speak of love, separation, nature, heroic deeds and daily life through poetic imagery, humor and pathos. Whether a dissonant song in call-and-response or a lush choral arrangement, Bulgarian songs touch the heart of any listener…

The choir is directed by Mary Sherhart who studied with the professional folk choir “Varna,” in Varna, Bulgaria (1983-84) and has a long career as a teacher and performer of Bulgarian and other Balkan folk songs.

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Filmmaker Bogdan Darev, fell in love with the movies in his early childhood in Bulgaria. Since then, he has discovered a passion for writing, music and Bulgarian folklore. His films facilitate a union between all the arts while celebrating the diversity, wonder and inherent beauty of the human spirit. Some of Bogdan’s clients include Seattle Opera, Bulgarian Cultural and Heritage Center of Seattle, and other non-profits.

This Baba – Penka Encheva – had dreams of becoming a professional singer, but her path led her to another life, as a teacher. In 2010, at age 67, she came to America to live with her daughter’s family and help care for her two young grandsons. Penka’s is a universal story of grandmothers from every country across the globe who are divided between here and there, isolated by a lack of English, stuck in suburbs, missing their friends and loved ones back home.

Current BCHCS Programs:


Bulgarian Folklore Program for children “Medena Pitka”

MEDENA PITKA (Honey Bread) is a program that organically interweaves knowledge of traditional Bulgarian rituals and celebrations and practical knowledge of Bulgarian proverbial lyrics, rhythms, songs and dance. It introduces children to our traditional folklore in a way in which students learn by doing.


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Folklorna Tantsova Rabotilnitsa

Weekly Adult Bulgarian Folk Dance Workshop

The workshop is a joyful opportunity for the Bulgarian community to explore the richness of Bulgarian folk culture. It is directed toward people who have always been interested in learning more about Bulgarian music and dance but haven’t pursued it. The program also welcomes those who are newly attracted to the idea of exploring our folk heritage, including dance.


Every Saturday:
Harmony Ballroom – 1407 132nd Ave NE #7, Bellevue, WA 98005
1:00 – 2:30 (children)
2:30 – 4:00 (adults)
Bulgarian Folklore Arts program director: Daniela Ivanova-Nyberg 
Assistant: Ana-Maria Georgieva
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The Society for Poetry and Literature discusses themes and ideas mainly from the world of Bulgarian literature. These are viewed with regard to historical, political and cultural contexts in Bulgaria from different periods and in parallel with larger European cultural movements. Different authors and texts are discussed when the themes are suggested by members of the club. The Society also welcomes topics regarding works of non-Bulgarian authors.

The Society meets once per month.

Coordinator: Daniela Ivanova-Nyberg
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